Archive for February 2006

hours of hopeful wishing
things would turn around 
turned useless as my voice faded 
and stars crashed to the ground 
all I wanted was a chance
to set things straight 
crooked lines of communication 
showed it was far too late 
unexpectedly it happened 
as the call came through 
all my fantasies of us changing 
were finally coming true 
somehow it wasn’t perfect 
it’s not what I wanted anymore 
this open opportunity appearing 
i chose to shut the door 
although I still debated 
turn away said my inner voice 
because going back to you 
that just isn’t my choice 


Only a few people see the real me… others only see what I portray.
They only see the surface… not what I hide away.

They do not see the tears I cry into the night.
They do not know what causes my heart to pound with fright.

They only see the image that I chose to show.
What makes my heart happy so few people know.

What they see on the surface is just an outer shell.
I hide them from the inside of my living hell.

I can’t let everybody see what’s inside of me…
for inside my heart is lonely and cries for company.

When I plant the seed of friendship and I feel that it has grown,
they always end up leaving and again I am alone.

So I hide away my feelings few people see it all…
for I know that I’m protected behind my lonely wall.