The Real Greza

Posted on: February 14, 2006

Only a few people see the real me… others only see what I portray.
They only see the surface… not what I hide away.

They do not see the tears I cry into the night.
They do not know what causes my heart to pound with fright.

They only see the image that I chose to show.
What makes my heart happy so few people know.

What they see on the surface is just an outer shell.
I hide them from the inside of my living hell.

I can’t let everybody see what’s inside of me…
for inside my heart is lonely and cries for company.

When I plant the seed of friendship and I feel that it has grown,
they always end up leaving and again I am alone.

So I hide away my feelings few people see it all…
for I know that I’m protected behind my lonely wall. 


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