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Posted on: May 20, 2006

At the tombstone
Her body lay
Six feet underneath my feet
Her name engraved on the rock
Is she watching me?

As I stand at her gravesite
I pull the weeds out
I leave flowers
Every time I come
Does she know?



 Gosh! What a SMILE can do… hehehe

The SUPERGIRLS won @ flag football today.
Yup! We're off to the play-offs! Yipee!!!


This guy needs to get 5 million hits
in 30 days to finally get laid!


on my way to the office
i met one of my mom's friends
she smiled
i smiled back
i thought that was it
she caught me by surprise
she hugged me
and whispered "i miss your mom"
if only she knew
i miss mama more
as usual, me teary eyed
opps… here's my ride

in the office now
juggling work and sleepiness
and trying to write this entry in between
as usual, me still teary eyed
opps… tears are flowing now
oh well, what the heck

sounds familiar, 2ng?