Posted on: June 7, 2006


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right on!! 😉


Overall Impact…


I don’t get it. can someone please explain?

Right on! 😉

Nakasala ka sa unsa man?

it’s abt the “we are not a …” thinggy.
i forwarded it to someone.
and the rest is history.

i totally forgot… i have lots of pea-brained co-workers…
opps! im getting myself in trouble for saying that…
oh well… this is MY blog. they just have to deal with it.

Ah, no. it’s OK 🙂 I know the moment I posted something online, I’m responsible for it, and no one else. If your co-workers might have held back a little, and actually read the entry, they shoulda realized I didn’t mention a company name or a person. Unwittingly, they filled in the blanks, and got emboldened with my generosity to allow anonymous comments.

And the punchline is The Irony that is better left unsaid here. Now, will the real loser please stand up? 🙂

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